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We see ourselves as a part of society. We play an active role and we take our responsibility for the future seriously, guided by the desires and expectations of our customers, our employees, and the people who live in the communities where we operate.

For people and the environment

Bærekraftig utvikling


The fundamental principle underpinning our dealings with one another is fairness. We give our employees scope for personal development. And we create a sound basis on which to leverage ecological potential.

Focusing on the future while adhering to established values is simply logical for us. This is why CHG-MERIDIAN supports development that is highly innovative, robust, and absolutely compatible with people and the environment. Wherever we operate around the world, we act fairly and with integrity.

Actively promoting refurbishment

Our aim is to make an effective contribution to sustainable development and to conserving resources. To achieve this aim we use our core competency of innovative technology management. By professionally refurbishing and remarketing IT equipment we extend its useful life.

From our own Technology centers in Germany and Norway we refurbishe over 500,000 IT devices for remarketing a year. Our remarketing experts sell refurbished equipment all over the world and are thus able to generate revenue for our customers that is usually in excess of normal market prices. We are continuing to expand our re-use concept so that we can offer all customers certification that their old equipment has been reused and disposed of in an eco-friendly and socially beneficial way.

Thrifty by nature: switching our global server infrastructure to cloud technology has significantly cut our electricity consumption.

man plugging a computer into a power socket


Integrity is the foundation of our culture and the basis for our growth. We emphasise respect and trust - as well as strict adherence to rules - in our dealings with one another. We expect our business partners and customers to obey the law and to follow fair competitive practices. Standards that we also hold ourselves to.

Our code of conduct has been binding for all CHG-MERIDIAN employees worldwide since 2013. It provides guidance for day-to-day conduct, aims to prevent misconduct, and is therefore fundamental for our future growth. Group Risk Controlling was also established as a new department. Since then, the chief compliance officer has been responsible for our whistleblowing system that enables business partners and customers as well as employees to report compliance violations anonymously.


It is very important to us to be good corporate citizens in the communities where we are active. We take great pleasure from actively supporting initiatives, projects, and associations in our local communities. Or even initiating them ourselves.

We focus on sustainability at all times, in everything we do. This attitude forms a firm and reliable basis for our growth and our relationships with employees, customers, business partners, and society.