Jul 5, 2018 | Weingarten

Recording assets on the go securely and cost-efficiently with the TESMA® App

• CHG-MERIDIAN extends TESMA® with directly integrated TESMA® App
• Eliminate manual processes and reduce time and effort spent on asset management by using a smartphone
• A further step towards the complete digitalization of asset lifecycles

The TESMA® App from CHG-MERIDIAN brings asset tracking to smartphones. The App makes it easy to record the serial numbers, statuses, and specific information of assets automatically and cost-efficiently. This helps to reduce the time and money spent on administration – from receiving the goods to the end of the lifecycle. The App is available for Android and iOS operating systems.

CHG-MERIDIAN’s TESMA® App is driving forward the digitalization of asset management along the entire lifecycle. The App makes it easy to record the serial numbers of IT assets such as printers, smartphones, laptops, and equipment used in healthcare and industrial engineering. Data is captured quickly and easily using the smartphone camera or a hand-held scanner.


When the assets are received, the scanned serial numbers can be immediately allocated to existing orders in TESMA® (technology and service management system). Other asset-specific data such as cost centers and locations can be recorded at the same time. It is also possible to change the asset status throughout an asset’s lifecycle and to update any related information. The automated process makes manual entry of serial numbers and the checking off of Excel lists redundant. This eliminates sources of error and saves time.


TESMA® brings technical information – such as asset type, specification, location, and consumption data – and financial information – including leasing prices, cost centers, funding periods, and consumption costs – together in real time. This creates a maximum of technical and financial transparency and makes it easier to organize assets.


Vicky Blocksidge, TESMA® product manager at CHG-MERIDIAN, says: “The TESMA® App is a logical addition to TESMA®. It makes organizing assets easier for our customers and allows us to leverage the power of digitalization to increase asset management efficiency over the entire lifecycle.”


CHG-MERIDIAN will continue to focus on digitalization in the future and drive forward the development of other functions that simplify customer processes.


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CHG-MERIDIAN is one of the world’s leading non-captive providers of technology management services to the IT, industrial, and healthcare sectors. With some 900 employees, CHG-MERIDIAN offers its customers comprehensive support for their technology infrastructure – from consulting, financial, and operational services to used-equipment remarketing services through its two technology and service centers in Germany and Norway. CHG-MERIDIAN provides efficient technology management to large, medium-sized, and small companies as well as government agencies. It now serves more than 10,000 customers worldwide, managing technology investments worth a total of over €4.6 billion. The online-based TESMA® Technology and Service Management System provides more than 15,000 users with maximum transparency in technology management. The Company has offices in 35 locations in 22 countries across the globe; its headquarters are in the southern German town of Weingarten.

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