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Latest group news

Discover background information of CHG-MERIDIAN worldwide
Digitalization in schools

Why digital learning is still a rarity in classrooms

Blackboard and chalk instead of laptop and teaching app – the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted how unprepared Germany’s schools are for the digital age. This is mainly due to the complexity of establishing digital structures that require custom solutions.

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Digital workplace study

Mobile working - from perk to must-have

The number of people working remotely has more than doubled compared with last year. This was demonstrated by findings of the new D21 digital index study that have been published in advance. Most employees would like to continue to work from home more after the COVID-19 pandemic, but managers disagree.

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User experience

What really counts in the IT experience

User experience matters. Especially at work. The better the hardware meets the needs of employees, the more motivated and happy they will feel. But how can companies create the perfect digital workplace? Let us show you.

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Active technology management

Efficient and flexible through customized business concepts

Faced with the ups and downs of volatile markets, logistics companies are looking for new ways to react with greater agility and efficiency. Philip Rosenmüller, lifecycle expert at CHG-MERIDIAN, may have the answers they need.

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The view from CIOs

Remote working is the new normal

Many IT departments were caught out in mid-March, when entire workforces suddenly needed to start working from home. Since then, it has become clear that this is not a temporary switch, but the start of a longer journey – including in terms of technology.

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Keeping up with Progress

Robotic Meets Life Cycle Management

The advantages of robot-assisted systems for the hospital, the surgeon and the patient cannot be denied. But with prices for robotic systems running into the millions, how can a hospital keep up with technical progress?

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Usage solutions for industrial infrastructure

Increase flexibility, reduce overall costs

We speak to Florian Orth, lifecycle expert at CHG-MERIDIAN, about greater flexibility and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) in manufacturing.

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Digital Workplace 2.0

The key to successful digital transformation

An interview with Oliver Schorer, CIO of CHG-MERIDIAN, on the subject of the ‘new normal’ and efficient customized business concepts.

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From initial planning to rollback

The digital workplace at the push of a button

The TESMA® platform enables your company to efficiently manage digital workplaces, while its self-service portal provides a high level of convenience.

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Earth Overshoot Day 2020

Sending a signal to trade and industry

Our society has been living beyond its means for decades. Whether the coronavirus pandemic will persuade us to use resources more responsibly and move away from the linear system depends to some extent on how cost-effective the alternatives are.

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man with headphones on looking at a computer screen at home
Seeing the crisis as an opportunity

How coronavirus is accelerating digitalization

The coronavirus crisis has mercilessly laid bare any shortcomings in companies’ digital transformation, as they have been confronted with the challenge of enabling mobile workplaces from one day to the next.

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Success Story

Sustainable cooperation with Aquafil

A successful partnership in the era of the circular economy

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Digital skills are a success factor

Employees are important drivers of digitalization

Remote working has become a hot topic like never before, which underlines how important it is to help employees to develop their digital skills. An important tool in this respect is the Employee PC Program, a government-supported solution that boosts employees’ digital mindset while they are at home.

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Woman in a yellow jumper on a laptop with a coffee mug in hand
Remote working

Remote working made simple: The mindset factor

There is growing pressure to roll out digital workplace strategies. The technologies and processes deployed are often state-of-the-art, yet performance and employee productivity still lag behind. At this point, it becomes clear how important it is to get the employees on board with regard to a digital work culture.

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Man working from home with a laptop with headphones on
Remote working

Remote working made simple: The platform factor

Data platforms allow us to organize and structure the flood of digital information in a sensible way when working remotely. They also enable us to work in virtual teams across borders. From anywhere. This type of flexibility is already the norm at CHG-MERIDIAN, and every day we learn something new.

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FINANCE: Review 2019

Our expertise is in demand

Our business model allows us to offer our customers maximum support with their greatest challenges – Digital transformation, sustainable business practices, employer branding. This keeps us on course for growth and cushions us to a large extend from economic fluctuations.

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Corporate Report 2019

Sustainable corporate governance in times of change

A lot happened in 2019, both on the political and the economic front. The global economy has entered into a downturn, many industrial sectors are undergoing severe changes, and interest rates remain at an exceptionally low level.

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Sustainability as a lived self-conception

In the future, business models based on the circular economy will play a key role in making sustainable use of the planet’s limited resources.

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Operation Hospital 4.0

A sustainable digitalization strategy in healthcare settings improves employer branding and relieves the pressure on budgets

Digitalization will change healthcare fundamentally. It is already impossible to imagine hospitals and doctors' practices without information technology. In addition to facilitating organizational procedures, IT is supporting more and more medical processes, including diagnosis and therapy

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Man in a shirt sitting at a desk working on a laptop with headphones on
Mobile working at CHG-MERIDIAN

Remote working made simple: The technology factor

The digital workplace is an integral element of any digitalization strategy, and CHG-MERIDIAN is no exception. In order to implement the digital workplace successfully and optimize it in the long term, we believe there are three factors on which remote working depends.

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close up of a person holding a tablet
Sustainable business

Circular Economy makes sustainability commercially viable

Buy, use, throw away – today’s consumer behavior wastes huge amounts of resources and damages the environment. This is particularly true for IT equipment, where devices are replaced that are still working fine but are no longer state-of the-art.

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woman in a blue coat in a city centre on the phone
2019/2020 D21 Digital Index

While the general population has embraced the digital revolution, companies are still lagging behind when it comes to the digital workplace

According to the latest study published by the D21 Initiative, the majority of respondents take a positive view of the digital revolution’s impact on many aspects of everyday life.

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two men in suits walking along Sydney Harbour
Continuing the international growth strategy

CHG-MERIDIAN Launches in the ANZ region

CHG-MERIDIAN has officially launched a local entity in the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) region, reflecting another important milestone in the implementation of the company’s international growth strategy.

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A real-world example


Mobile working is right on trend. But what do you need to do so that your employees can work remotely without any problems? Read on to find out how CHG-MERIDIAN implemented the digital workplace, and what elements were key to this.

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CARE Review 2019

With team spirit and commitment our employees put great projects into practice

Putting corporate social responsibility into practice on a regional level and coming together to make a difference – these are the principles behind CHG-MERIDIAN’s CARE initiative.

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two women and one man in a white office environment with a desktop PC
IT procurement according to the Amazon principle

How a self-service portal can revolutionize your procurement process

Companies’ complicated and time-consuming order processes can make it feel like an eternity until employees receive their workplace IT equipment. This not only tries the patience of employees in all departments involved, but also causes them stress. After all, these days we are used to fast and user-friendly e-commerce portals such as Amazon. Companies can also deploy and benefit from this type of self-service portal.

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A positive user experience is the key to success

An optimal user experience allows your employees to concentrate on value-adding processes

The Haufe Group is driving its digital transformation forward while focusing on creating a better user experience for customers and employees. Andreas Plaul, Head of IT, explains why.

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Digital transformation

The digital workplace is just the beginning

The Freiburg-based Haufe Group has won the Digital Transformer of the Year award. The accolade is presented to companies that have excelled in terms of their digital transformation. Andreas Plaul, Head of ICT at Haufe Group, explains how the company is shaping its digital journey.

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2018/2019 D21 Digital Index

Is e-health just for technology enthusiasts? Four viewpoints – one goal?

Digital technology opens up new possibilities for the healthcare sector, yet e-health continues to be regarded as something that is ‘just for tech enthusiasts’. Below, we showcase four viewpoints on e-health and examine the extent to which they share a common goal.

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Digitalization in Healthcare

How to achieve digitalization in the healthcare sector

Exhausted budgets, significant investment pressures: How can the digital transformation of healthcare become a reality despite hospitals’ ongoing financial constraints? We examine the options.

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person at a desk on a laptop with a smartphone on the table
Digital Workplace

Workplace as a service: Is it time to consider leasing instead of buying?

Computing power, platforms, and software can already be acquired as a service, so why not complete workplace IT? Discover the benefits that workplace as a service (WaaS) can have for your company.

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Old IT equipment can be a risk factor

Data erasure the right way

Don't run any unnecessary risks when it comes to remarketing or disposing of decommissioned IT equipment. Find out how cost-effective and permanent data erasure works.

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Rolling out the digital workplace

How to plan a successful IT rollout for your digital workplace

Smartphones and laptops have already become the norm at home. Yet many people find themselves stuck in an analog world at work, despite the fact that setting up a digital workplace is not that difficult with a little preparation and planning.

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Digital Workplace

The future of work is more flexible – and more productive

You do not only need to be at the desk in your office to do your work. The home office and lounges at airports and train stations now provide plenty of opportunity to be productive. We show you how the latest technology can help you to use your working time most effectively.

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man sitting down working on a laptop
Digital Workplace

In 6 steps to the digital workplace

Cloud computing, the expansion of fiber broadband, mobile phone coverage – Germany is still lagging behind when it comes to the areas that are vital to the digital revolution. Unfortunately, this also applies to organizing work and equipping workplaces. We will show you how the right strategy can increase your efficiency and make the Digital Workplace the core of your digitization strategy.

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Digital Workplace

Reap the benefits of digital workplace innovations for your business

“We regard the digital workplace as a holistic system that adds significant value in all areas of your company that work with IT.”
Lukas Wojoczek, Digital Workplace Sales

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On the job: TrailS

From 0 to 100: A flying start for sales trainees

TrailS – the CHG-MERIDIAN sales trainee program

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Digital Workplace

3 Tips on how to calculate total costs

It is almost impossible to calculate the overall costs of IT for a single workplace using conventional procurement and usage models. The latest digital workplace concepts can provide transparency.

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Woman looking at a smart watch in a coffee shop with a laptop, mobile phone, cake and coffee on the table
Digital Workplace

Optimal design and efficient management of the modern workplace

Today, employees expect their employer to provide a modern digital workplace that is equipped with the latest technology, is available 24/7, and enables them to complete their tasks from anywhere.

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Women in a coffee shop looking at a laptop with glasses in her hand
Digital Workplace

Invest in technology without busting the budget

The digital transformation of business makes innovative payment models such as pay-per-use possible. In comparison to classic financing, by relying on a payment method that is based on actual usage, companies can avoid high capital expenditure on IT equipment or on installing and running IT solutions and servers.

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man in a suit walking through a city on a mobile phone
Digital Workplace

Escape the TCO trap

If you are planning a new IT infrastructure, the first question you will ask yourself, as the CFO, is whether the investment will pay off. We highlight the costs that are often overlooked and show you how to work out the correct total cost of ownership.

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Certified data erasure by CHG-MERIDIAN

Balancing e-health, data protection, and data security

In this interview, Peter Krause, Head of Healthcare Sector Sales Germany at CHG-MERIDIAN, talks about data protection in the healthcare sector and the requirements for data erasure, which many people are unaware of, especially in the case of printers and similar equipment.

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Digital Workplace

Companies still have plenty to do when it comes to the digital workplace

A study shows that the majority of employees want to take advantage of mobile working, but companies are yet to catch on to this trend. There is a lack of equipment and of coherent concepts, despite the fact that the digital workplace and digital skills are crucial factors in the success of Industry 4.0 and Work 4.0.

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man with a beard looking at a computer screen

AI, IoT, and hybrid IT require entirely new financing methods

Capital expenditure on IT is a key factor in the ability to innovate, especially for financial services providers. However, the necessary financing measures can negatively impact on a company’s flexibility. Here are five factors that are crucial in overcoming these obstacles.

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Man in suit presenting in-front of a screen

Paving the way for digital transformation

Oliver Schorer speaks to IT Business Magazine at the Vogel IT Academy’s Enterprise Mobility Summit about digital transformation and how companies can deliver it successfully.

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man in office looking at tablet
Public Sector 4.0

Understanding the digital revolution – identifying and leveraging potential

Digitalization is a leading topic of discussion in the public sector. But what might modernization and digital transformation measures actually look like in practice? CHG-MERIDIAN knows how to make the most of the opportunities presented by this change and is developing customized solutions for the digital transformation of public sector organizations.

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woman carrying a large jerry can full of water while walking down a street

Employees and employer working hand in hand to help people in need

Corporate social responsibility is firmly enshrined in CHG-MERIDIAN’s corporate philosophy. When it comes to supporting community-based projects, we want to encourage our employees to get involved with their own ideas and personal commitment.

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An excellent start to a career

CHG-MERIDIAN is growing fast – and is doing so around the world. We are always on the lookout for ambitious individuals to join us. Employees who consider themselves genuine team players – in line with our philosophy – and who boldly and enthusiastically look beyond their own horizons to the future.

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OPS data security

Data protection along the entire lifecycle

Data protection should be viewed as part of an end-to-end solution, not in isolation. That is why data security is part of every lifecycle phase at CHG-MERIDIAN.

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OPS data security

Where printers are concerned, deleted doesn’t always mean deleted

Being able to reliably protect sensitive company data at the end of an asset’s useful life is vital in the digital era. CHG-MERIDIAN has developed two automated data erasure processes for printer systems, copiers, and multifunction printers that can be used for any manufacturer and any model.

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The signs are good

Dr. Mathias Wagner, Chairman of the Board of Management of CHG-MERIDIAN, looks back on 2017 and gives an optimistic outlook for the future.

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Brexit notwithstanding: Excellent prospects across the board

Declan McGlone, Vice President Finance UK/Ireland, talks in an interview about business development in the UK and Ireland, the effects of digitisation and the impact of Brexit.

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What makes a financing concept intelligent? Here are five thoughts.

Why the financing must match the business, and not vice versa

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Thinking outside the box when it comes to financing

How intelligent financing models can satisfy wide-ranging interests

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cars being built on a manufacturing line

Managing growth and costs efficiently: pay-per-part and pay-by-the-hour

An illustrative calculation from the automotive industry for pay-per-use models

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OPS data security

Three good reasons why you shouldn't neglect erasing data from printers

Everyone is talking about data protection at the moment. It is a particularly important issue when it comes to modern printers, MFPs, and copiers.

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Man in suit presenting in-front of a screen

What German companies need to do to make the mobile workplace a reality

According to the 2017/2018 D21 digital index survey, mobile working has been slow to take hold in German companies. The reasons for this are more to do with the infrastructure of the companies than with any skepticism on the part of the employees. So, how can this be improved? Below are five areas that German companies need to consider.

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Calculating backward – thinking ahead

Using pay-per-patient models to manage investment risks in healthcare technology

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Intelligent financing concepts pave the way for more innovation

As an innovative funding partner with decades of experience, CHG-MERIDIAN offers benefits for CIOs and CFOs alike. We will show you how to implement innovative projects cost-effectively.

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Five thoughts on total cost of ownership

Why the CIO and CFO are stuck in the same boat when it comes to TCO calculations, and how only an independent expert can help.

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An end to high up-front costs

How pay-per-patient models can help to preserve liquidity

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“Manufacture first, then invest”

Why pay per use models make you more efficient

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Five good reasons in favor of pay per use models

Every company is familiar with unit cost accounting. Why financing per item makes sense too.

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How important are digital skills in healthcare?

The digital revolution is only slowly taking hold in German society. Nevertheless, there is already an urgent need for companies to invest in employee training and thus in the future of the healthcare sector. CHG-MERIDIAN, once again a partner of the D21-Digital-Index study...

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“Just buying cheaply isn't enough”

IT procurement is different from purchasing consumables. Ralf Behrning clarifies what really matters.

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Action needed on the digital workspace

The study proves that digital working on mobile devices is becoming more prevalent and that employees are keen and motivated to work in this way. But companies are not yet enabling them to participate sufficiently in the digital revolution. A lot of potential remains untapped.

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Employees get involved in community-based causes

The company's internal CARE initiative brings together ideas for community-based projects and involves the workforce in the decisions on which ones to support.

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IT Director Interview

Intelligent mobile working: Mobile workspace 4.0

In this interview, Oliver Schorer, Chief Information Officer (CIO) and member of the Board of Management at CHG-MERIDIAN, talks about customized and fully automated business concepts and the level of service demanded by international customers in today’s mobile working world.

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man looking over a manufacturing factory

TCO provides a better overview

As an innovative technology manager with decades of experience, CHG-MERIDIAN creates maximum cost transparency, identifies potential savings – and achieves these savings.

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Pay per use models create greater transparancy

As an innovative funding partner with decades of experience, CHG-MERIDIAN sheds light on your overall costs. We will show you where you have potential savings and how you can achieve these savings.

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cars being built on a manufacturing line

Pay per use models create greater planning certainty

As an independent technology manager with decades of experience, CHG-MERIDIAN can create new customized business concepts for you. We will show you which funding model is the best fit for your capital expenditure project.

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A cross-border financing solution

As an independent provider with decades of experience financing entire projects, CHG-MERIDIAN is familiar with global taxation and legal systems. We will show you what financing hurdles to look out for.

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Long-term thinking, quick savings

Lifecycle Management for greater cost effectiveness

CHG-MERIDIAN has decades of experience in financing every aspect of a project, and takes a holistic view of finance across the entire lifecycle. This is what gives you the reassurance that your investment will really pay off over the course of a project.

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Financially strong for the future

Improving patient wellbeing through efficient medical technology management

As a specialist for technology management and financing, CHG-MERIDIAN analyzes and optimizes the use of medical technology in hospitals and for healthcare providers. In an interview, our Vice President of Healthcare Technologies, Peter Krause, talks about the importance of well-interlinked medical technology and ...

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Health 4.0

Lack of investment puts the brakes on digitalisation

CHG-MERIDIAN, the technology management and finance specialist, monitors and analyses the ongoing changes in the healthcare sector and develops solutions for current and future challenges. In our latest white paper, we demonstrate how hospitals can deliver the digital transformation toward Health 4.0 ...

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Interview Investor Relations

“An integral part of our funding portfolio”

By taking out a €75 million bonded loan in August 2017, CHG-MERIDIAN has successfully completed its fifth transaction in this segment since 2013. Volkmar Lange, Head of Group Treasury at CHG-MERIDIAN, answers three questions on the bonded loan financing.

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Mastering digital transformation

Working toward Administration 4.0 using digital expertise and a digital concept

In this interview with eGovernment Computing, Frank Schöneberg, Head of Public Sector Sales Germany at CHG-MERIDIAN, expands on his many years of experience working with public-sector clients and explains how the public sector can tackle and master the digital transformation to Administration 4.0.

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Efficient fleets

Optimizing fleets through lifecycle management

Read on to find out how a lifecycle concept can improve transparency, particularly in fleet management.

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CARE: Rewarding in all respects

Employees get involved in sports for a good cause

They lace up their running shoes, start pedaling or do great things on stage: The CHG-MERIDIAN employees are making a difference – together. With great team spirit, they really hustled to collect donations for charitable causes in 2018.

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Thinking outside the box with CHG-MERIDIAN. Rigid structures, off-the-peg solutions, and no plan B: That's not the CHG-MERIDIAN way. The following sections will show you how worthwhile it can be to think outside the box.

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Digital learning

Innovative concepts for schools

The digital revolution is making inroads into education, but COVID-19 has highlighted that Germany’s schools still have some catching up to do. To create the customized, digital classrooms of the future, you need innovative IT concepts.

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Industrial Technology

Remarketing for Industry

What do you do with your industrial technology at the end of its useful life? Are you using the option to remarket it? Read on to learn how to implement an efficient remarketing solution that is both cost-efficient and sustainable.

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Digitale Transformation 5 Erfolgsfaktoren
5 success factors

Making digital transformation a success

Interview with Ulrich Bergmann, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the CHG-MERIDIAN Group, on change culture, vision, and five success factors of major transformation programs.

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D21 Study
D21 Digital Index

Demand for greater digitalization

How digitalized is Germany? The latest D21 Digital Index provides the answer. This broad social study, which CHG-MERIDIAN has supported as a partner for many years, takes a look at many digital talking points and trends. Roland Dathe, head of the study, assesses the various developments for us.

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Working from home has truly established itself

The digital gap in german companies

How digitalized is Germany really? The D21 Initiative’s Digital Index comes to a clear conclusion: definitely more digitalized in 2020 than in 2019, and that is due to the pandemic. A surprising finding is that the digital gap has now mainly opened up between senior management and the employees. And not necessarily in the way you might expect.

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IT Leasing oder Miete

Rental or leasing – which is the better option?

Rental models based on the as-a-service concept are now commonly found in many sectors. But is renting IT equipment better than leasing it, or is it the other way around? That decision will likely be swayed not by the procurement concepts but by each company’s specific requirements. And the options offered by the provider.

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Telekom Best Partner Award

Telekom presents CHG-MERIDIAN with "best partner award”

Telekom and CHG-MERIDIAN have been successful partners for a long time, working together to implement projects in the key account business on an international stage. CHG-MERIDIAN has now received an award from the telecommunications company for its flexible and reliable collaboration.

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Gerätebeschaffung und Gerätemanagement über TESMA® Portal
IT procurement 2.0

A boost for employee motivation

A year into the pandemic, it is clear that productivity in the digital workplace is largely dependent on employee satisfaction. But how do you motivate your most important resource when you need to cut costs and your IT department is facing unprecedented challenges?

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Wie Benefit-Programme beim Homeschooling helfen
Employer Benefit Solutions

Benefit program supports families with homeschooling

Employers often use employee benefit programs to stay ahead of the competition in the battle for talent. If these programs also allow employees to deal with current challenges, such as the need for more IT equipment for homeschooling, that can help to enhance the attractiveness of the employer.

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Ready for tomorrow?

Agility – the key to success

In light of challenges such as the new Hospital Future Act and a lack of qualified staff, the ability to rapidly adapt has never been more important. Find out how agile processes and methods can be successfully implemented in hospitals.

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Self-service procurement

Motivate your employees, reduce the burden on your IT team, and save money!

Working from home presents a challenge to IT departments. There is a solution that allows you to cost-optimize processes and provide high-performance equipment while keeping your employees motivated.

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Agile Transformation im Zusammenspiel mit Digitalisierung im Gesundheitswesen
Agility is the key to success

The benefits of agile transformation

Rigid hierarchies, paper-based processes, and complex structures – with a diagnosis like that, it is no surprise that introducing agile methods in hospitals is a challenging undertaking. Yet agile transformation combined with digitalization can have a beneficial impact on healthcare overall. Experts discussed approaches at the DIGITAL.DIALOG healthcare event.

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TCO considerations when investing in technology

Most companies do not factor in all costs when considering TCO

If you work in logistics, you know that every cent counts. A technology manager like CHG-MERIDIAN can highlight where and how logistics specialists can uncover more potential savings.

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Circular economy

Climate-friendly healthcare technology

In Germany, the healthcare sector is responsible for 5.2 percent of the emissions that contribute to climate change. Moreover, healthcare technology consumes a lot of resources. The adoption of a circular economy model enables hospitals and doctors’ practices to make healthcare technology climate-friendly and cost-efficient.

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Industry 4.0 - Reduce costs and increase efficiency
Industrial Technology

Industry 4.0: Reduce costs and increase efficiency

Industry 4.0 technologies have great potential, but involve significant capital expenditure. TCO-optimized technology management promises a solution to this dilemma.

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Potential savings in material handling vehicle logistics
Industrial technology

Potential savings in material handling vehicle logistics

Cost awareness is as much a part of the logistics sector as warehouses and warehouse technology. In this interview, Dirk Matura, Managing Director of Industrial Solutions GmbH, explains how to achieve savings of up to 35 percent, and why many companies struggle to reconcile commercial and technological imperatives.

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Managing a team remotely
Digital leadership

Making digital leadership a success

Managing a team remotely creates a whole new set of challenges, as countless managers have discovered during the pandemic. The best solutions to this all have one thing in common: They rely on a sense of unity.

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Interview with D21 Managing Director Lena-Sophie Müller

Digitalisation and sustainability in harmony

In addition to the level of digitalisation of the population, the current D21 Digital Index also asks for the first time about the relationship between sustainability and digitalisation. As a long-standing partner of Initiative D21, we spoke exclusively with Lena-Sophie Müller, Managing Director of Initiative D21, on the publication of the new study results.

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Virtual Meetings

The secret to seamless virtual meetings

Video conferences can be a great alternative to face-to-face meetings, but they can sometimes be quite stressful. We provide some tips on how to avoid this.

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Digital onboarding

Can you start a new job remotely? Yes, absolutely!

Getting to grips with a new job and fitting in with a new team is always a challenge, no matter how welcoming your new co-workers and manager are. There are even more obstacles to overcome if onboarding takes place remotely.

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Bringing light into the digital darkness in schools

Digital education: Germany is lagging behind

“Home schooling during lockdown highlighted just how far we are lagging behind when it comes to digitalization,” says Roland Dathe, project manager for a Germany-wide study conducted by the D21 Initiative. Among the top performers in Europe are countries such as Switzerland, the Netherlands, Finland, and Estonia.

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The district of Cloppenburg is getting its schools ready for the digital age. With support from CHG-MERIDIAN.
Forward-looking investment

Cloppenburg implements trailblazing digital education project

The district of Cloppenburg is getting its schools ready for the digital age. With support from CHG-MERIDIAN, it is breaking new ground in Lower Saxony and beyond.

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Expert interview

“A new operating system for the economy”

Society is demanding greater sustainability, and policymakers are creating the appropriate business and regulatory environment across all levels. This puts pressure on companies to play their part in shaping the transition to a more sustainable economy. What role can the circular economy play in this? And how is the shift in customer behavior changing the market?

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Turning complexity into opportunity

Five examples of best practice for global ICT buyers

One of the biggest challenges for global ICT buyers is the increase in complexity, both internally and externally. Mastering this complexity means unlocking potential added value. The following five best practices demonstrate how to make transformation a success.

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Green IT

Usage-based lifecycle management – good for the environment and for business

Purchased, used, and decommissioned after a year or two – a familiar story for many company smartphones and other devices. But thanks to usage-based asset lifecycle management, it is possible to upgrade ICT equipment while acting sustainably.

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Sustainability in Germany’s healthcare sector

CHG-MERIDIAN after-work event at the 2022 Hauptstadtkongress conference

In Germany, the healthcare sector is responsible for 5.2 percent of the emissions that contribute to climate change. Moreover, healthcare technology consumes a lot of resources. And that is why sustainability is an increasingly important issue in healthcare.

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A new approch

Making the right decision for a sustainable and secure future for hospitals

Hospitals are currently experiencing significant cost pressures. And the demands are increasing. Hospitals want to and have to invest, so it is all the more important to take the right steps to enable change.

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Circular economy

Climate-friendly healthcare technology

In Germany, the healthcare sector is responsible for 5.2 percent of the emissions that contribute to climate change. Moreover, healthcare technology consumes a lot of resources. The adoption of a circular economy model enables hospitals and doctors’ practices to make healthcare technology climate-friendly and cost-efficient.

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Speeding up!

Taking digitalization to the next level with an agile IT landscape

Is your digitalization strategy stuck in a jam? Then let agile IT procurement set your wheels in motion again. It can significantly reduce the burden on your IT department, increase buy-in across your organization, and boost employee satisfaction and productivity – both at home and abroad.

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Interview with GSO Matthias Steybe

"Opportunities of the circular economy are underutilized"

Every year, the D21 Digital Index measures the level of digitalization in Germany. Among other things, the most recent findings highlight the concerns that society has about the environmental impact of the digital transformation.

According to Matthias Steybe, Group Sustainability Officer (GSO) at CHG-MERIDIAN, IT usage models based on the principles of the circular economy can reduce the environmental footprint of digitalization.

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Interview with CFO Ulrich Bergmann

Why sustainable finance is the future

The transition to a more sustainable economic model is well under way, driven by global climate change and by the legislation designed to keep it in check. And now sustainable finance is delivering the key tools for a corresponding transformation of the financial sector. Ulrich Bergmann, CFO of CHG-MERIDIAN, tells us how going green can give businesses a competitive edge.

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What the healthcare sector needs to do

Sustainability management in spite of diminishing investment capacity

At an evening event of the 2023 Hauptstadtkongress convention, experts from the German healthcare sector hosted a discussion on the subject of sustainability management. Speakers Peter Krause and Dr. Sven Jansen provided inspiration in their keynote addresses, emphasizing the importance of sustainability in healthcare.

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Make The Switch

Willkommen im Zeitalter des Nutzens!

Wie Sie mit Technologie-Leasing Ihr volles Potenzial entfalten und gleichzeitig Kosten und Ressourcen sparen.

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