Customer Missions: Industrial Technology

Leverage the potential of industrial technology

Easily manage your production, warehouse and logistics equipment. Monitor your diverse technology across all countries and keep total costs under control.

Whether fleets of industrial trucks, production facilities or work clothing: Managing your technology equipment is highly complex and requires a lot of effort. Especially in companies that operate internationally. Coordinating different contracts, manufacturers and products, finding optimal conditions, keeping investments and running costs under control - all this requires a lot of detailed work and comprehensive industry knowledge. This is where we at CHG-MERIDIAN can provide you with effective support: with a usage model that is individually tailored to your requirements.

As your international technology and financing partner, we provide the industrial infrastructure you need. We support you from procurement through utilization to remarketing. We analyze your processes and your total cost of ownership. From this analysis, we develop your tailored usage model that reduces your overall costs and increases your flexibility. Completely independent of manufacturers and banks. And, of course, on an international scale.

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Overview of Customer Missions for Industrial Technology

Invest and manage cash flow at the same time

Your organisation must make technology investments to stay competitive, and you want to maximize your budget. Read on to learn how we help you achieve exactly this. 

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Managing your industrial fleet more efficiently across borders.

Learn how you can manage your complex industrial fleet on an international scale.

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“Superb customer care, attractive terms, and maximum flexibility in lease structuring are what makes CHG-MERIDIAN an ideal partner for our future-focused investment.”

Additional Services

Further extras for your individual solution


Using our technology lifecyle expertise, we manage all kinds of equipment, from smartphones and laptops to healthcare technology and forklift trucks. tesma is the platform through which we implement our customized business concepts, keeping your costs and administrative burden to a minimum. And not least to make work more enjoyable, as many processes are straightforward, paperless, and convenient.

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Solving your challenges is our top priority

We listen to you very carefully. And on this basis, we develop your individual technology usage model for your IT hardware, your industrial fleet and healthcare equipment.
We combine assets, financing and services to create a tailor-made solution. Independent of manufacturers and banks. Digital, global, centralized from a single source.

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