Apr 7, 2017 | Weingarten

Digital Signage Solutions (DSS) from CHG-MERIDIAN are leading the way

• Direct: Communicate with your preferred target group in real time
• With confidence: A test phase provides peace of mind during digital transformation
• State-of-the-art: A technology refresh means you always get the latest technology

CHG-MERIDIAN has added digital signage solutions (DSS) to its portfolio. From electronic shelf labels (ESL) to large format displays (LFD), and from advertising to general business contexts, digital signage solutions are the best way to present your information. DSS enable you to successfully implement your ideas without any financial risk – regardless of the size of the investment or the purpose and size of the project.

The digital transformation has brought fundamental changes to the way we communicate, and information must always be kept up to date to remain relevant. That is why digital signage solutions are almost irreplaceable in modern information transfer. No other medium fulfils the high demands placed on flexible communication as well as digital signage solutions. They make it possible to address specific target groups in real time and for information to be easily adapted as required.

Many companies have already identified the need to switch to the new digital systems, but shy away from the technical, logistical, and financial commitment that such a change entails. With CHG-MERIDIAN, these companies have an experienced partner at their side who can safely guide them through digital transformation and help them to adapt their communications to today’s challenges.

Trial without commitment – and then always remain up to date

CHG-MERIDIAN focuses on the requirements and concerns of its customers: The customizable ‘try and use’ model offers companies a trial period under real world conditions with no commitment. This provides peace of mind during the digital transformation of points of sale (POS), for example, and lowers the investment risk for the customer. At the end of the trial period with the new technology, the customer can continue to use the preferred system at a fixed rate without having the worry of investing in a technology that may soon be outdated. CHG-MERIDIAN’s technology refresh means that customers are always well prepared for a fast-moving market – over the entire term the latest technology is in use, and always at the same cost. This has the advantage that customers do not need to use old and high-maintenance equipment that costs time and money.

man in a store looking at a TV
Digital Signage Solutions (DSS) from CHG-MERIDIAN provide a new
end-to-end approach to successfully establishing digital signage systems.

Great advice every step of the way

“Our digital signage solutions offer our customers broad access to the digital world of information transfer, and they are a one-stop solution that can be deployed immediately and without any gaps in service,” says Oliver Schorer, Member of the Board of Management, responsible for IT and services. All services are transparent in the DSS lifecycle: CHG-MERIDIAN provides made-to-measure support and service that is above the usual standard, and, on request, can take on the coordination and structuring of the project and liaise with each provider. “Our objective is to provide the maximum support possible and to leave our customers free to concentrate on their core business,” Schorer adds. CHG-MERIDIAN’s customers have a single point of contact who supports them throughout the duration of the project and beyond, and who takes care of everything.

DSS Life Cycle

All services at a glance: the DSS lifecycle model forms the basis
for our comprehensive expert support over the entire technology lifecycle.

Well thought out from start to finish

It pays to think of the end, even at the start – and a sophisticated end-of-life process will benefit customers in many ways, especially on DSS projects. That is why CHG-MERIDIAN offers a comprehensive service package at the end of the period of use. The package includes data erasure using our proprietary and certified eraSURE® process, which forms an integral part of remarketing. Erasing data in accordance with international standards ensures that customer data does not fall into the wrong hands and that assets are free of old data when they are remarketed. The customer can also rest assured that our commitment to green IT means we recycle assets in accordance with the WEEE standard.

CHG-MERIDIAN offers complete solutions

At CHG-MERIDIAN we focus on complete rather than on individual solutions. “Our digital signage solutions guarantee a complete service, from financing to administration and remarketing,” Schorer explains. Digital signage projects offer almost unlimited customizability and performance. Such wide-ranging solutions and projects require an in-depth knowledge of technology and financing. Whereas other companies have a limited range of experts and thus cover only one area of specialism, CHG-MERIDIAN, a non-captive specialist based in Weingarten, provides technology management and financing as part of a sophisticated overall concept. The company also combines all its services with an interdisciplinary mix of experts, and its multidisciplinary approach removes one of the biggest hurdles for digital signage projects.


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