Sep 18, 2020 | Weingarten

Digitize administration

As an expert in technology management, CHG-MERIDIAN has been supporting the public sector for years in the implementation of digitization concepts. Earlier in September, the Federal Ministry of the Interior and CHG-MERIDIAN met in Weingarten to discuss the topic.

State Secretary Prof. Dr. Günter Krings and MdB Axel Müller visited the internationally active company at its headquarters in Weingarten earlier in September. They talked to Dr. Mathias Wagner, CEO of the CHG-MERIDIAN-Group, and Frank Schöneberg, Head of Public Sector Sales, about digitization in the public sector and the challenges involved in implementing such projects. 

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is putting pressure on companies and the public sector alike. In many places, it has revealed a backlog of demand for technical equipment and digital concepts. But the problems have been recognized and tackled: Various digitization initiatives are already underway or in the starting blocks at the federal, state and local levels. CHG-MERIDIAN can support public administrations in the design and implementation of digitization projects - with innovative and individually tailored solution concepts that take into account the administration's particular circumstances. 

From left to right: Frank Schöneberg and Dr. Mathias Wagner (both from CHG-MERIDIAN) together with State Secretary Prof. Dr. Günter Krings and Member of the German Parliament Axel Müller in front of CHG-MERIDIAN's headquarters in Weingarten

The company draws on experience gained from numerous projects that have been implemented jointly over the past few years. "As a strong partner to the public sector, we have already been able to demonstrate our expertise in numerous projects, for example in the digitization of schools and the modernization of public administration. In addition to efficiency and cost savings, such digitization measures can also contribute to increasing the attractiveness of public employers," says Mathias Wagner.


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Jessica Behrens

Company Spokesperson