Mar 4, 2021 | Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN remains main sponsor of the Ravensburg Towerstars

The international technology manager with headquarters in Weingarten relies on continuity in its sports sponsorship. As announced on March 4, 2021, CHG-MERIDIAN is extending its commitment to Ravensburg as an ice hockey location and will thus remain the main sponsor of the Towerstars and name giver of the "CHG Arena" for the next five years.

The cooperation with the Ravensburg ice hockey club has already lasted for over 20 years. In 2019, CHG-MERIDIAN acquired the naming rights to the venue in addition to sponsorship. Since then, the ice hockey hall has been called "CHG Arena".


"We are looking forward to our continued cooperation," says Dr. Mathias Wagner, CEO of CHG-MERIDIAN. "Our partnership with the Towerstars has been characterized by great team spirit from the very beginning. As a successful team, the club shapes our region in sporting terms and stands for motivation, energy and passion. These are all qualities that are essential not only for athletes but also for companies to achieve the goals they set."

Looking forward to further cooperation: the Ravensburg Towerstars and CHG-MERIDIAN. (f.l.t.r.) Frank Kottmann (CSO CHG-MERIDIAN), Rainer Schan (Managing Director Ravensburg Towerstars), Raphael Kapzan (Team Manager Ravensburg Towerstars) und Dr. Mathias Wagner (CEO CHG-MERIDIAN)


Looking ahead, the ice hockey club and CHG-MERIDIAN hope that a certain normality will return as soon as possible so that fans can once again experience the games live in the arena. "I'm already looking forward to the many emotions we can expect again," says Rainer Schan, general manager of the Ravensburg Towerstars. "We particularly appreciate the fact that CHG-MERIDIAN remains loyal to us in these times, despite all the restrictions and difficulties caused by the Corona pandemic. And we're doing everything we can to reward that with top sporting results."


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Jessica Behrens

Company Spokesperson