Marienhospital optimizes processes through an integrated technology usage concept

Consolidated purchasing and maintenance of ultrasound devices reduces costs, increases efficiency and saves budget, all while avoiding disruption to hospital operations


With 19 specialist clinics, 20 interdisciplinary centers and more than 750 beds, Marienhospital Stuttgart is one of the largest hospitals in the state capital of Baden-Württemberg. Around 2,000 employees treat around 30,000 inpatients and 85,000 outpatients every year. The Catholic hospital, which provides central care and is also an academic teaching hospital of the University of Tübingen, combines more than 130 years of tradition with high-tech medicine. The extensive range of equipment includes a large number of ultrasound systems from various manufacturers.


High administrative effort due to manufacturer diversity
Difficulty in managing cost structures
High personnel training costs due to model diversity

Seeking a manufacturer-independent solution

When it was time to purchase 25 new ultrasound machines, Marienhospital considered purchasing them all from one manufacturer for the sake of simplicity. However, single sourcing was impractical, as no single supplier could ideally cover all medical requirements. This is where CHG-MERIDIAN's strengths came into play. As a vendor-neutral technology partner, CHG-MERIDIAN could consoiolidate large investments with multiple suppliers into a single contract.

Our customized technology2use success formula for the MARIENHOSPITAL


With 25 new ultrasound systems valued at over one million euros, Marienhospital is modernizing its equipment fleet and ensuring long-term technical relevance. The contract includes replacement with the latest technology after just four and a half years, keeping maintenance, wear and tear costs and downtimes low in the long run.


Classic leasing: "Usage instead of ownership" is the motto of our financing concept. With regular installments that include service and maintenance, leasing simplifies budget planning throughout the entire term and protects liquidity.


As the lease includes a full maintenance contract, CHG-MERIDIAN is also the "single point of contact" for services throughout the usage period. The advantage for Marienhospital is that employees know exactly who to contact, which reduces the risk of equipment downtime that could negatively impact patient care. This more personalised service experience is why Marienhospital chooses to work with CHG-MERIDIAN.


With CHG-MERIDIAN’s technology2use solution, Marienhospital achieved a more uniform equipment range tailored to medical requirements. This resulted in significant savings on purchasing and maintenance costs. Additionally, a single contract with transparent, predictable rates minimized administrative work and running costs.

The new systems not only imporove diagnostics, but also reduce downtime. This means that treatment services can be provided more quickly and more patients can be treated, which improves patient outcomes for the hospital. With warranty and full maintenance included, the budget is no longer strained by unplanned replacement purchases.

Further increases in efficiency were possible by upgrading devices to an information base. Using a tracking system, staff can then quickly and easily see the locations of mobile devices via a tablet. A usage analysis provides reliable data for demand-oriented device planning

"The modern, harmonized device infrastructure makes processes more efficient and our hospital even more efficient - at transparent costs. CHG-MERIDIAN's financing solution covers hardware, service and downtime in a single contract, which allows us to plan with confidence and make the best use of our budget."
Commercial Director, Marienhospital Stuttgart
Problems solved in numbers

average organization´s technology investment

~ 5 %

is the average organizations's technology investment as a percentage of revenue for an organization in the healthcare industry in 2022 - Deloitte (2023)

Reduce operating costs

$ 93 billion

annually spend on the lifecycle costs of healthcare equipment by Hospitals - Helix Strategy (2022)

Increased cost of goods

~ 10 %

is the increase mentioned by Healthcare CFOs in their organization’s cost of goods - Deloitte (2022)

Tools to success

tesma - all data in one system

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